A Wierd World with Good Stuff

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It’s a weird world when you have kids shooting other kids or standing around watching as kids beat another to death…or spend a couple hours gang raping a 15 year…and do nothing. So about the time you think all kids might be like that…or at least the ones in the news…along comes

Abby Sunderland, 16, obtains boat for her around-the-world solo journey

…and your faith is once again is renewed.

Well temporarily anyway.

One has to be pretty thick skinned about what you read in the news and the thicker the skin and the more cynical one becomes the less likely that one can see or hear the “good stuff” like the story about Abby and Jessica. Sometimes you have to find a crack in the thick skin to let good stuff in.

There are kids out there who have big dreams and who charge forth to make it happen…and there are kids who don’t think much and act out in bizarre ways. I just think it’s too bad that the news folk tend to give us the negative rather than the postive.

I wouldn’t want my “news” to be sugar coated…I’m diabetic…but a little good news from time to time would be nice.


Don’t Ya Just Love the Voting Season?

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There is a barrage of vote for/against “this” ads of the TV. Must be an voting day coming up…you think?

The ad that kills me when I read it is trying to convince the public that a proposed tax on fruit drinks and soda pop would hurt poor people. Since when is a colored water that has had an apple/orange/grape/kiwi…or insert your fruit of choice…almost literally dragged through it so that the label can have the word “fruit” put on it…since when is a drink like that a food that poor people need to eat? The same for soda pops…do I really need my Diet Coke in the morning or is it a luxury of sorts?

The ads imply that the new proposed tax would hurt poor people because they NEED to buy these sorts of things…it’s sort fo the same with wanting me to think that people NEED to smoke. Please, do I look that stupid…do they think I’m dumb enough to beleive their insinuation? Aparantly they think I’m stupid…they pump that info into my home…how stupid do they think most of are?…Apparantly they think people in general are stupid (I don’t know about the looks part)…or they wouldn’t be spending the millions on the ads.

Hmmmmm…wonder which manufacturers are putting up the money for the “Save the Soda Pop” campaign. Do they raise money as the “Flavor My Water coalition?”

Really…I’m not stupid…but the ads are.


Four Days of Bitching

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Sunday was in the upper 70s around here…yesterday the wind started to kick in and the temperature dropped…it continues it’s downward trend and the wind continues to blow…yikes. I just might have to turn on the heat system. My goal is to make it to November 1 or the fourth day in a row of bitching about freezing…whichever comes first. It’s going to be close.

Last night some of us were talking before the bell rehearsal and discussed turnign on our respecitve heat systems…everyone is seems was aiming for November 1…what happens when we all turn on the gas at the same time…do we suck out the gas from the lines and create a void…do we cause a shortage some place else, does a switch or a breaker blow because we all start the pumps at the same time?

Just so many things to consider as I turn on the gas this next Sunday…I’m betting that the November 1 date is golden. No bitching about the cold yet today…if I make it through tomorrow that means November 1 will be the earliest and will take over because of the four days of bitching rule makes Wednesday the last day to start the bitching ritual.

I live such an ordered life.



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Caught a little “slip of the tongue” in an online newsish article this past Saturday…perhaps this is fortelling of the future? Wouldn’t surprise me…anything these two do is stranger than fiction…but the story is now so predictably unpredictable that it’s a tad on the scary side. The only thing that would have made this thing a little creepier is for the kids to have set up a concession on their front lawn to sell koolaid to the reporters…all of whom seem to have “drank the koolaid” and bought into the story like it was some sort of cult reunion…hey news was slow, they needed something homey, hoaxy and juicy…

Papers: Wife says ‘balloon boy’ was hoax

October 24, 2009 Updated 2012 GMT

Mayumi Heene, according to court documents, said she and husband, Richard, knew their boy was not in balloon.
The ex-wife of “balloon dad” Richard Heene breaks her silence in an exclusive first interview on Nancy Grace


On another note, a friend wrote on Facebook that he,” sees the sun is out, the sky is bright blue, the birds are chirping and………. on shit, it’s Monday!!!”

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MJ, Shoes and Money

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Sort of wierd story. In a nutshell, Michael Jordan’s son plays for a school who has a contract with a shoe manufacturer other than MJs endorsed manufacturer. The son is refusing to wear the new shoe as his Dad’s enodorsed one has “special meaing” to the family…I didn’t know that money and “special meaning” were interchangable terms…I guess I was wrong.

Nike-adidas conflict a problem for Michael Jordan’s son at UCF

What is interesting most in the article is not in the article but at the bottom of the page where the readers comment on the posting. I don’t think most of them feel too sorry for the Jordan’s and there’s a strong bent towards a disgust for money in college sports. I may be rading too much etween the lines…I tend to do that…but the readers give me hope that not everybody sees the college sports world as about money…education first and then the money. If the education is not important, then just scrap that part of the deal and let them play without regards to a pretense of a degree with any meaning…just play, no school and no degree.

It’s easy for someone like myself to talk about the high and mighty concept of student atheletes…I was niether…not an athlete and not much of a scholar…and I went to a school that doesn’t have the best track record in any sport. The University of Idaho doesn’t shine on any field, but it’s a great school…but coming from UI makes it easy to talk about the theory of a student athlete…that’s about all you can hope for at UI…a few people go prop from the school, Wayne Walker comes to mind.

A freshman in college should be concerned about freshman concepts…passing English…playing good ball…learning about “stuff” and growing as a person. The idea of hyjacking the endorsements of school and father is really beyond where the young man’s focus should be. He should get his head in the game…his game, not his daddy’s.

This coming from an MJ fan…sure do miss watching him play.

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I’m Right…The New Study “Proves” It

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I’ve written about this before. I think …well I know I have been right all along…I think that the dealth penalty is dumb. It’s expensive and think about it, more people are going to jail than ever because it’s not a deterent like it once might have been.

So the story that popped on Tuesday about a report conducted by the Death Penalty Research Center seems to reveal that my notion of “it doesn’t work and it’s expensive” may have been correct. Too bad they had to spend money to find out what we (at least I) already new.


Like my drunk driving nephew (read yesterday) it’s really hard to deter stupidity. Some people will always be bad…and there are always good ones. But the bad actions of some shouldn’t have to be such a financial burden on the good folks.

Now granted, the Death Penalty Research Center is just a tad left of center and doesn’t seem to like the concept of the dealth penalty on some moral grounds…but they and I agree…killing criminals is just too expensive. They might think of expense is in moral terms…I’m much more Republican in my view of things from a practical dollar and sense sort of way. Weird to hear a conservative(ish) person talk about giving up the death penalty isn’t it?

The report reveals that it costs the State of Florida $24 million PER execution. It also states that those States with death penalty laws spend an additional $10 million each ayear that they wouldn’t have had to spend if the penalty was more simply…”Goodbye, have a wonderful life time of boredom in prison…ta ta dude (or dudette).”

I know that some of the horrific things people do really makes one want to retaliate. But acting like an animal doesn’t solve the issue…killing folks for killing folks just costs money…take the money and help educate people in schools…but don’t let the loser out…EVER. Don’t go mealy mouth like Scotland and let criminals off the life sentence because they get sick…THEY WERE SICK to start with. Don’t let them out early because of “good behavior”…what about their bad behavior? We don’t need to support the lawyers by dragging criminals back to court to argue about the death penalty…slam the door on the idiots who can’t behave and call it a day (or a lifetime) and move on.

Nothing like statistics that can be used to make one’s point…in this case…mine. Don’t use them against me…I don’t want to hear it…all I want to hear is the tinkling of the keys to the cells being thrown down the drains.

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What Was She Thinking?

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Let’s hope they don’t “hook up” and make more of themselves…more of these are just not needed…I’ll be polite and ask please don’t make more of you than there already are.

Cops: NY Woman Arrives Drunk to Pick Up DWI Friend

I’m just not buying into the drunk deal is a sickness thing…at least when it comes to drinking and driving. I understand that alcohol is a drug of sorts and people can be chemically dependent on same, but the drunk driving is just stupid. I have a nephew that has done that TWICE…once was stupid…twice was really stupid. What does he want…for me to understand? Understand what? His stupidity…okay…that I understand. He made a horrible decisions…I hope he’ll grow out of that…but that does not excuse the decision to drink and then drive.

If he and others want to hide behind the alcoholism as an excuse for that actions…no. Stop! Society should not buy into that deal. They can not be allowed to make excuses for his poor decisions…unfortunately they have parents and grandparents who have bought the excuses…bad deal.

The nephew needs a smack up along side his head.

I think that the young lady in the story needs a smack up side her head too.

Really REALLY stupid.


There Is Hope

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My post on Friday was of a horrific incident…five young men setting another on fire and some of them laughing about it.

Stories like that just make you want to cry for humanity.

Then I read this:

Mother’s final duty to soldier son — escort his body home

Toward the end of the story the soldiers Mom has been told that her son didn’t die right away and lived for perhaps 1/2 an hour, in which time he removed his St. Christopher’s medal that his Mom had given to him when he was 15 years old and gave it to a buddy. His Mom says, “”I’m glad Stephan didn’t die right away because he was allowed to give that one gift to his unit and give them the St. Christopher and that he also was able to feel God come to him and take him away,” she said. “That he was able to ponder and have a last chance, a last moment, to think about his family and have God take him.”

He must have been a special kind of guy to have as a son and friend. The short story kind of makes you see that even after Friday, not every young person is a dweeb…there’s hope when you hear of young people like Spc. Stephan Mace.

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You Wonder How Their Parent’s Feel

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Are they proud of their kids now? What will they say to them…”We’re here for you honey”…or “we’re here to support you.” Are you kidding me? They should take some of the responsibility of raising the little monsters to be the perverted members of humanity that they are. They should be given the key to turn as they lock their own kids up…and that they might have laughed about it…they never should get out.

I think that we all too frequently let the parent slide by on the actions of their kids…they made them…bad idea…they “raised them”…bad action…they should be held responsible to a degree for the actions of the kids UNLESS society is ready to say that the “kids” in this case are adults, severing all the legal responsibilities of the parents. But the moral responsibilities…what would Hitler’s Mom think? If they had been mine, I would cry every night when I thought about the horrible things those kids did. I don’t think I could ever forgive myself for the horrible job I did as a parent.

5 Arrested In Burning Of Teen

Police: Teens Set Boy On Fire

“Police said they do not believe the attack was premeditated.” They’re kidding themselves…you have a container of rubbing alcohol…you have a lighter…you bring the devices with you…what? are they in your possession so that you can help someone? Grow up…those kids are not afraid of what will happen to them…make them afraid…make all people thinking about a crime like this afraid…VERY afraid.

It’s a badge of honor for some to go to prison. I would think it’s time that badge is taken away…no badge…no honor…just a horrific time without torture.

How would this be different than putting them in prison and letting them out early…than…say someone who used a bomb to blow up a plane, gets a life sentence and then is released early for contracting a fatal cancer…who cares…it was a life sentence. These young boys who think they’re men should be treated to a life sentence…LIFE sentence, not a second less…cancer of not…they ARE the cancer.

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Blistered Fingers

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I get up this morning to a dark and raining outside…and a ton of email to process. Did folks really take Columbus Day off on Monday and now need to play catch up? The Pastor of a Church I do web work for dumped RedBull on his laptop…so we had to explain web log on email for him…and a new password…while I was on the server I also had to subscribe a new user for the Irish Music list…seems the list subscription didn’t want to work for him…and then the Church sent a press release of a concert coming up at the end of the month…so I built a new page for that event, edited three others with the information and linked all the photos…oh yeah, we live in a home with a flat roof. I didn’t hear the water coming out of the rain gutters last night and that meant getting up on the roof to see what was with that…a small clog on top of the drain meant we had a lake on our roof…gone now. So the only thing left to do this morning is to perfect a mailing for the Irish Music and send it to the subscription base…print more posters for the Ceoiltais…I worked on that Sunday…and then work on the cover for the practice CD…oh yeah and copy the music onto the CDs…oh and remember to make the CD labels. It’s a good thing you can’t really get blisters from typing all day or I just might have them…but wait, there’s more. I site here typing into the blog watching the email continue to come in…mostly spam of course. I really don’t need a new watch…I don’t need another degree…my packages at UPS, FedEx, and DHL can wait…the money I won from Europe can just sit there and gain interest…I really can’t help the gentlepeople from Uganda wanting to transfer money in my direction and I certainly don’t want to get any body parts any larger/longer…I’m quite happy with me like I be.

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